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Ugly Brick Fireplace? Lime Wash It

What do you do if your not in love with such an imposing design element in the home, as a full red brick wall fireplace?   The Offending Fireplace Try a whitewash. source:  Sissy and Marley There are differing recipes for the lime wash.  If you're a purist, the lime wash contains lime, water and salt.  Another recipe is to whitewash with equal parts paint and water. Additional water or paint can be added for a consistency you like.   Luxe Interiors and Design Magazine If selecting the whitewash method, there is an assortment of chalk paints that makes the process simple and easy to complete.  The process for both is the same, brush on, wipe off. When working, do remember that a s the bricks will soak up the wash pretty quickly, two to three coats are required. If you're adventurous, any bricked or wooden area of the home could benefit from lime or whitewashing.

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